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Dr Hyo Seok Kim (Chiropractor)

Dr Hyo Seok KimDr. Kim’s journey into chiropractic care began with a personal struggle when he was diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia in his left 5th and 6th ribs at a young age. Due to a medical accident during surgery, he underwent additional procedures that led to ongoing pain and discomfort. Despite trying various treatments for years, he found little relief until he discovered chiropractic care. Experiencing profound pain relief after chiropractic adjustments changed his life, inspiring him to pursue a career in chiropractic care.

Dr. Kim is a passionate chiropractor who graduated from Murdoch University, where he learned advanced adjustment techniques and rehabilitative exercises. His personal journey fuels his passion for helping others find lasting relief and optimal wellness through chiropractic care.

His practice combines diversified techniques, the Gonstead method, taping for structural support, soft tissue techniques for muscle health, and customized rehabilitative exercises. Each patient receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs, ensuring a balanced and effective treatment plan for long-term wellness.

About Dr. Kim’s Journey

Born in South Korea, Dr. Kim moved to Canada at 15 to study. After finishing 5 years of study there, he returned to Korea for military service before deciding to continue his journey in Australia. His multicultural experiences broadened his perspective and deep appreciation for diversity. He loves being connected with people, enjoys chatting with clients, and creating a welcoming environment. Outside work, he’s an active traveler, always eager to explore new cultures.

Live Your Best Life

Dr Kim looks forward to helping you. Before work, after work and weekend availabilities.



Dr Hyo Seok Kim | (08) 9221 1166