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Experience Professional and Quality Massage

Woman getting a massageDo you feel stress?

Time to relax and indulge in our remedial and massage packages.

We offer a 30min, 45min, 60min and 90min massage that is claimable on most private health insurance. We have five professionals on staff who provides massage service to Perth, East Perth, North Perth, Victoria Park, Burswood and surrounds.

East Perth Massage provides 7 days a week service, please call us on 9221 1188 or book directly online today. Please note due to high demand, we may be booked up in a week in advance and we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Massage can help with:

  • Muscular stress,
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Lower back
  • General tightness and stiffness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Poor posture
  • …and more.

We work closely with other allied health professionals to ensure you get the very best holistic care and address the cause of your problem.

Meet Our Massage Therapists

Melinda Ho

Melinda Ho

Mel is an established Personal Trainer and proficient Remedial Massage Therapist, deeply committed to the pursuit of comprehensive well-being. Her dedication revolves around the art of remedial massage, meticulously designed to accelerate recovery, release tension, and restore harmony within the body.

Supattra Maikhrueaklang

Supattra Maikhrueaklang

Supattra has diplomas in remedial massage, body treatments and beauty therapies and has been working as a massage therapist since 2008. Throughout her career Supattra has studied a range of massage and relaxation techniques and has worked in some of the best clinics & spas around the world.

Yoichi Kawamura

Yoichi Kawamura

Yoichi was born in Chiba, an out skirt of Tokyo, and came to Australia in 2006. Now, he has a beautiful son and enjoys living in this lovely city. When he was younger, his passion was Rugby. He has never been a physically strong player so that led him to consider the efficient use of body mechanics.

When Yoichi made his mind up to study remedial massage therapy, it was a big decision and commitment. Now, he is a part of East Perth Chiropractic Health Centre as a Remedial massage therapist where his aim is supporting clients and helping them to get closer to how their muscles should be.


Scott Hawkes

Scott, RMTScott, a dedicated Remedial Massage Therapist with a passion for improving health and well-being. His journey began with giving massages to his family, which inspired her to pursue a career in remedial massage. She’s witnessed the positive impact of massage on his loved ones and his fiancé, a dancer.

Scott is committed to helping you achieve your health goals, whether it’s pain relief, enhanced athletic performance, stress reduction, or increased mobility. He provides science-backed treatments tailored to your unique needs. He believes in the universal benefits of massage therapy and aims to leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for your day.



Tomomi Sugano

Language Spoken: English, Japanese
Tomomi is qualified in Shiatsu which is a firm yet relaxing acupressure massage. She has developed a technique that will release the trigger points and tightness in her session. She speaks both Japanese and English and has a very caring heart and passion for her work. She’s been with practicing for over 10 years and currently for over 3 years in this East Perth location. We recommend you experience her Shiatzu technique.

Her massage is $95 for 1-Hour and is not private health claimable.


Jaylee Waideman

Jaylee is a qualified remedial massage therapist, she completed her diploma at Endeavor college of natural health. She also has a certificate IV in community services. Jaylee can perform pregnancy massage and is trained in cupping therapy.

Jaylee works intuitively around the clients needs and presenting conditions using therapeutic breathing techniques, deep tissue massage and TRP release techniques to provide a wholesome treatment. Jaylee tends to work firmly but can always provide a gentle relaxing massage.

Uta Hull

Uta headshotLanguages Spoken: English, Japanese, Thai

Uta is a qualified therapist, with a Diploma in Remedial Massage (2020) and a Certificate IV Allied Health Assistance (2022, specialising in rehabilitation) from North Metropolitan TAFE. She holds qualifications in Traditional Thai techniques from the renown Chang Mai, where she discovered her keen interest, and then practised when possible (including on occasions in Japan), while living in Thailand following her original career as a professional photographer and film coordinator. Uta is a member of Massage and Myotherapy, Australia (MMA).

Using remedial massage techniques from gentle relaxation to deep tissue therapy, Uta always orientate her treatment according to clinical need. Her belief, gained from applying her study and interest, is that a combination of reducing muscle tension alongside passive stretching can improve range of movement and over time, may help relieve chronic conditions.

Megumi Matsumura

Megumi Matsumura

Language Spoken: English, Japanese

Megumi is a registered remedial massage therapist. She has been working in both an acupuncture clinic in TAS and private practice with experience treating a wide range of clients with deep tissue massage, Myofascial release with cupping, trigger point and stretching.


Monica Li

Language Spoken: English, Chinese

Monica’s career in massage began in 2008, she is enthusiastic and passionate about all things massage therapy.

Monica likes to work with the client to tailor the best massage treatment that best suits each and every client, using a number of different techniques into her massage practice.

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Our clinic is within Perth Healthcare Centre (East Perth Chiropractic) on 125 Royal St, East Perth 6004.


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