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The First Things Others Notice About You

vitruvian mannequin

Stand up straight!”

Pull your shoulders back!”

Don’t slouch!”

Your mum was right. Your posture matters. In fact, it’s the first thing others notice about you. What does it tell them?

You’ve probably seen someone who favors one leg when they walk. Have you ever noticed the posture of someone who was sad or depressed? Certainly you know someone who complains about arthritis!

Does your posture say that you’re confident, certain and self-assured? Or does it disclose that you’re fearful, unsure or timid?

Your posture is a window into your physical, mental and social well-being. That’s why our team at East Perth Chiropractic Health Centre conducts a thorough postural analysis with each new patient.

Your posture reveals how well you’re adapting to the relentless stress of gravity.

Those who venture into space, who temporarily escape the influence of gravity, start wasting away. Their bones become frail and their muscles weaken. Their strength and vitality decline.

Here on earth, we use large amounts of energy dealing with gravity. Just standing erect requires the coordination of 200 muscles. (No wonder those with poor posture always feel tired!)

If you sit most of the day, you experience a different type of stress. Few people realize how stressful sitting can be. We weren’t designed to sit all day.

You may be unknowingly stressing your spine by the chair you sit in, your work surface or even the positioning of your feet at your desk!

During our examination, we’ll take note of postural distortions such as:

  • Head tilt to one side
  • Forward head carriage
  • Lowered shoulder
  • High or rotated hip
  • Unnatural stride
  • Contracted leg length
  • Foot pronation
  • Unusual shoe wear
  • Weight imbalance

Every day we help people enjoy the relief and better health. They also benefit from better balance, graceful movement and greater energy because of their chiropractic care.

Do you know someone who could benefit from today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Please urge them to give us a ring.

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